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Organizations  Laborde Law

Laborde Law is a Paris-based law firm exclusively dedicated to international dispute settlement

We have exceptional expertise in investment arbitration. We also practice commercial arbitration, interstate disputes, and accessories to international arbitration, e.g. settlement negotiations and arbitration-related litigation. We also offer consultancy on international law issues.
Our goal is simple: to offer high-quality legal advice and representation in international arbitration at competitive rates, with the added benefits of a more flexible business structure and the more personable treatment of a boutique law firm. 
Who's Who Legal has recognised Gustavo Laborde, founder of Laborde Law, as one of the 15 "most highly regarded" international arbitration partners in Europe and the Middle East Area. He has been consistently ranked as one of the "world's highest ranked" international arbitration practitioners for the past three years. 

Our clients, both States and investors, have entrusted us with some of their most sensitive, high-stakes disputes. We currently handle international arbitrations with over USD 2 billion in dispute. 

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